• Closed
  •  Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays

  • Opening Hours for Library
  •  9:00am to 5:00pm

  • Address
  •  11-4 Otemachi, Kokurakita, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 803-0814, Japan (Kitakyushu Otemachi Building 6-7F)
    TEL:093-583-6202 / FAX:093-583-6576



Access Guide
  • From Kokura Station
  • ・By Taxi about 10 minutes
    ・By Bus about 15 minutes
      “Kokura-ekiBus Center”->”Soleil Hall & Move-mae”

  • From Nishi-Kokura Station
  • ・By Taxi about 5 minutes
    ・By Bus about 8 minutes
      “Nishi Kokura-eki”->”Soleil Hall & Move-mae”

  • From Kitakyushu Airport
  • ・By Taxi about 30 minutes
    ・By Bus about 37 minutes
      “Kitakyushu Airport(Kokura)”->”Kokura-eki Bus Center”->”Soleil Hall & Move-mae”
    *Kitakyushu Airport Accsess

  • Bus Stop
  • 周辺バス停


    *Nishitetsu Bus Timetables

  • From Hakata
  • ・JR Shinkansen
      “Hakata Station”->”Kokura Station”

    ・JR rapid
      “Hakata Station”->”Nishi-Kokura Station”

  • From Tenjin
  • ・Nishitetsu Highway Bus (Itozu)
      “Nishitetsu Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal”->”Soleil Hall & Move-mae”

    ・Nishitetsu Highway Bus (Nakatani or Hikino)
      “Nishitetsu Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal”->”Kokura-ekimae”

  • From Fukuoka Airport
  • ・Nishitetsu Highway Bus(for Kokura Station)
      “Fukuoka Airport Terminal 2 (Domestic Terminal)”->”Kokura-ekimae”

    ・Subway and JR Shinkansen
      “Fukuoka kuko(Airport)”->”Hakata Station”->”Kokura Station”

    ・Subway and JR rapid
      “Fukuoka kuko(Airport)”->”Hakata Station”->”Nishi-Kokura Station”

    ・Subway and Highway Bus
      “Fukuoka kuko(Airport)”->”Tenjin”->”Nishitetsu Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal”->”Kokura-ekimae”

*Fukuoka Airport Accsess
*Nishitetsu Timetables

accsess map from Fukuoka city


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