Perspectives On East Asia

With information on Asia released by Kitakyushu, we introduce the social and economic trends of Asian countries, centering on East Asia. We publish our public relations magazine, “East Asian Economic Perspectives,” twice a year with content such as research reports and information on East Asia.

Asian Economic Journal

The Asian Economic Journal, a Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) journal, is published on behalf of the East Asian Economic Association(EAEA). Since 1995, AGI has been providing financial and human resources support for this journal.

Recent Papers by Our Researchers

Here you will find the latest papers published by our researchers in international peer-reviewed journals, etc.

AGI Working Paper Series

The AGI Working Paper Series presents the output of academic research undertaken by AGI research staff and visiting researchers, and is made available without a rigorous review process. The views expressed in these working papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute.

Research Reports

AGI publishes the output of research on Asian economies as well as the local economy of Kitakyushu as Research Reports with the aim of contributing to the economic activity of the region and international policy formulation.

Research Monograph Series (Japanese)

AGI publishes research output in the Research Monograph Series.

Books by Our Researchers

Introduction of Books by Our Researchers

Other Publications