Consulting Division


A Think Tank Emphasizing Contribution to the Local Community

We conduct investigations and research aimed at supporting the realization of major projects in Kitakyushu City from an academic perspective, promoting policies, and proposing measures for industrial and economic promotion in collaboration with local economic organizations and companies.

Director of Consulting Division HATTA Tatsuo
Group Leader TAMURA Kazuki
Member PENG Xue(Concurrent Positon)
KOMATSU Sho(Concurrent Positon)

Research Projects for FY2024

The impact of regional allocation of fiscal expenditure on the differences in the growth rates of metropolitan and rural areas

Staff:HATTA Tatsuo

Director of Consulting Division

A major factor that caused domestic migration in postwar Japan is the income difference between the metropolitan and the rural regions. Regional allocation of the central government’s fiscal expenditure influenced each region’s income levels. During the rapid economic growth, the government increased the allocation weight to the rural areas, and during the Koizumi era, on the other hand, it reduced the weight.

The allocation of public investments also created new regional discrepancies through different allocations of social capital. This study analyzes the impact of the allocation of the fiscal expenditure upon duck income differences between metropolitan and rural areas.

Research on the Evaluation of Urban Mobility and Accessibility

Staff:TAMURA Kazuki

Associate Professor

Mobility and accessibility in urban areas play an extremely important role in the lives and economic activities of citizens and visitors in contemporary cities. These elements directly impact urban sustainability, economic development, and the improvement of citizens’ quality of life (QOL). Research on urban mobility and accessibility provides a crucial foundation for urban planning and policies, with a wealth of accumulated studies. However, recent years have seen significant changes in values and lifestyles related to movement and transportation. The drastic shift in transportation demand following the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased demand for walking due to a focus on health are among the notable changes. Additionally, advancements in information and communication technology have led to the widespread availability and easy utilization of people flow data. This study aims to reevaluate methods for assessing urban mobility and accessibility, focusing on Kitakyushu City, which is facing depopulation and an aging population.