AGI Working Paper Series
The AGI Working Paper Series presents the output of academic research undertaken by AGI research staff and visiting researchers, and is made available without a rigorous review process. The views expressed in these working papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute.

AGI Working Paper Series

Research Reports
AGI publishes the output of research on Asian economies as well as the local economy of Kitakyushu as Research Reports with the aim of contributing to the economic activity of the region and international policy formulation.

Research Reports

Research Monograph Series in Japanese
AGI publishes research output in the Research Monograph Series.

Research Monograph Series in Japanese

Journal of Econometric Study of Northeast Asia
THE JOURNAL OF ECONOMETRIC STUDY OF NORTHEAST ASIA is interested primarily in publishing articles on econometric analysis of the Northeast Asian region(s), or related regions, including various types of modeling, econometric studies, and the development of a body of data, such as for national accounts, input-output tables, flow-of –funds accounts, and various indices of prices and quantities, etc.


East Asian Economic Perspectives
Only major articles published since 2000 are listed below.


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