In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have started online seminars as a substitute for the various in-person seminars we used to hold.
About an-hour-long seminars are shortened to approximately 10 minutes in the videos, but we really hope that you will find interest in our activities.

We will continue to distribute these videos. Your subscription to our “Asian Growth Research Institute” channel will be greatly appreciated!

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Vol.3: Staff Seminar held on Friday, September 18

“日本における外国出身高度人材の就職地選択行動と影響要因 ―北九州市の海外人材受入れ政策への示唆―” (Working place selection behavior of the highly-skilled foreigners in Japan and the underlying factors)
Presenter: Dr. Erbiao Dai, Vice President and Research Director, Asian Growth Research Institute


Vol.2: Staff Seminar held on Tuesday, August 25

“Assessing the Role of The IMF in Fragile States (IMFと脆弱国家)”
Presenter: Dr. Shinji Takagi, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University; and Distinguished Research professor, Asian Growth Research Institute


Vol. 1: Staff Seminar held on Tuesday, July 21

Presenter: Dr. Tatsuo Hatta, Chairman and President, AGI