FY2002 Short-term Visiting Researchers

Inkyo Cheong
Director, Research Division for Southeast Asia and South Asia
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (Korea)
FTA Policies of ASEAN and China and Prospects for a Bilateral FTA between ASEAN and China

Reid W. Click
Associate Professor, International Business Department
George Washington University (USA)
Stock Market Integration in ASEAN

Frank S. T. Hsiao
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Colorado at Boulder (USA)
Taiwanese and Korean Productivity Performance: Comparisons at Matched Manufacturing Levels

Mei-Chu W. Hsiao
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Colorado at Denver (USA)
Colonialism, Learning and Convergence: The Case of India and Taiwan

Lee, Jae Hyung
Assistant Research Fellow
Korea Development Institute (Korea)
Japanese Corporate Governance and Implications for Korea

Tae Yol Lee
Posco Research Institute (Korea)
Estimating Structural Changes in Korean Consumption Behavior

Li, Xinzhong
Associate Professor, Economics Model Department, Institute of Quantitative & Technological Economics
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
The Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to Economic Growth in China

Michael G. Plummer
Professor of International Economics, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center (Italy)
Bond Market Development and Integration in ASEAN


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