Video archive of our Staff Seminar "Space Time Dynamics of Pollution and Income in China" available on YouTube
Sept. 21: Staff Seminar “Digital economy and rural revitalization: Evidence from China based on county-level panel data” (online) [finished]
Sept. 19: AGI Seminar "Renewable Energy Investments and Feed-in Tariffs: Firm-Level Evidence from Southeast Asia" (online) [finished]
Aug. 29: AGI Seminar "Analysis of the Chinese Urban Miracle from the Unified Development Economics" (online) [finished]
Aug. 8: AGI Seminar "地政学時代における日台半導体産業協力の方向性について" (online) [finished]
July 18: Staff Seminar “Exploring the Spatial Distribution of Travel Vloggers in China and Their Impact on Tourism: Insights from Douyin Data during May Day Golden Week 2023” (online) [finished]
2023.07.03Research Exchanges AGI News
Thurs., June 22: Our President, Dr. Erbiao Dai, gave a talk on inter-city economic cooperation in East Asia under RCEP at a seminar hosted by Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat
2023.06.30Research Exchanges AGI News
June 13: Our Chairman, Dr. Tatsuo Hatta, talked on factors that contributed to the end of Japan's high economic growth period at a seminar hosted by Ritsumeikan University
2023.06.22AGI News
Dr. Charles Yuji Horioka, our board member and Distinguished Professor, assumed the office of the President of the Japanese Economic Association (May 2023)
July 5: AGI Seminar “From hospitality to hostility: Impact of the Rohingya refugee influx on the sentiments of host communities” (online) [finished]