FY2006 Short-term Visiting Researchers

Jin Fan
Professor in Economics and Head of Research Center of Jiangsu Applied Economics
Jiangsu Administration Institute (China)
General Equilibrium Analysis of Chinese Urban and Rural Residents’ Consumption Behavior and Policy Study

Ari Kuncoro
Lecturer and Research Associate, Faculty of Economics
University of Indonesia (Indonesia)
Industrial Location in Indonesia after the 1998 Economic Crisis

Dennis Mapa
Assistant Professor and Director for Research, School of Statistics
University of the Philippines, Diliman (Philippines)
The Impact of Demographic Transition on Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in the Philippines

Innwon Park
Professor, Division of International Studies
Korea University (Korea)
Investment-Creating Free Trade Areas in East Asia

Yuan Ren
Deputy Director, Center for Urban and Regional Studies
Fundan University (China)
International Migration and the Developing Urban Agglomerations in Yangtze River Area

Henry Wai-chung Yeung
Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography
National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Asian Firms in the Global Economy


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