FY2008 Short-term Visiting Researchers

Donghui Zhang
Dean, School of Economics and Business Management
Shandong University at Weihai (China)
East Asian Economic Cooperation and China’s Economic Growth

Yeongkwan Song
Research Fellow, Department of Trade and Investment Policy
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (Korea)
Protection for Sale: Agenda-Setting and Ratification in the Presence of Lobbying

Zhaoxia Li
Associate Professor, Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics
Chinese Academy of Social Science (China)
Corporate Governance of China’s Listed Companies ―What Missed in the Course of the Reform―

Dionisius A. Narjoko
Researcher, Department of Economics
Center for Strategic and International Studies (Indonesia)
Export-spillover in Indonesian Manufacturing

KyoungAe An
Lecturer, Department of Economics
Sungkyunkwan University (Korea)
International Monetary and Financial Integration : Case of East Asian Monetary Cooperation

Xinjun Lei
Researcher, Institute of Economics
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Regional Economic Development and SMEs


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