FY2012 Short-term Visiting Researchers

Chul-Hwan Han
Dean of School of International Studies,Dongseo University
”Strategies of Global Terminal Operator and Overseas Container Market Evaluation”

Ke Shen
Assistant Professor,Institute of Demographic Research, Fu Dan University
“Why does China’s Urbanization Lag Behind Industrialization? Explanation from the Perspective of Capital-intensive Investment”

Jr-Tsung Huang
Distinguished Professor, Public Finance at National Chengchi University
“The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Shanghai’s Real Estate Price―Culprit or Scapegoat?”

Kyung-Mo Koo
Associate Professor,Department of Distribution Management,College of Commerce and Economics,Dong-eui University

Wei Li
Professor, Asian Pacific American Studies, School of Social Transformation;
School of Geographical Science and Urban Planning
“Intellectual Migration and Brain Circulation: a conceptual framework and some empirical evidence”

Binjian YAN
Assistant Professor, College of Economics and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University
“Factor Market Integration, Income Disparity and Inclusive Growth in China: A CGE-Microsimulation Approach”

​Debajit Palit
Fellow & Internal Resource Advisor LightingaBillionLives Campaign DecentralizedElectricitySolutions Division The EnergyandResources Institute (TERI)
“Achieving Universal Energy Access in South Asia, India in particular”


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