FY2005 ICSEAD Seminar

No.89 Mar.20, 2006
“The Causes of Japan’s ’Lost Decade’: The Role of Household Consumption”
Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University
Charles Yuji Horioka

No.88 Fub.3, 2006
“2006 Economic Outlook for East Asia”
Senior Researcher, Development Studies Center,The Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO
Mitsuru Toida

“Taiwan and East Asia Integration”
Professor, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
Tain-Jy Chen

“International Migration of Professionals in ASEAN: A Case Study of Health Care and the IT Industry”
Senior Fellow and Head of the Indonesia Project, Division of Economics
Chris Manning

No.87 Dec.2, 2005
Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Sung-Chun Jung

No.86 Nov.29, 2005
“Regional Disparity in Education and Human Capital in China”
Associate Research Fellow, Economic Forecasting Department, State Information Center
San, Feng

No.85 Nov.17, 2005
“The Dawn of the East Asian Integration”
Distinguished Visiting Senior Fellow, East-West Center
Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, University of Hawaii
Seiji Naya

No.84 Oct.25, 2005
East Asian Business and Investment Linkages”
Research Associate, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government, Australian National University
Roger Farrell

No.83 Sep.15, 2005
“Cyclical Cooperation and Non- cooperation in an Economic Organization – An Implication on the Japanese Economy”
Professor, Department of International Trade, National Chengchi University
Len-kuo Hu

No.82 Aug.26, 2005
“Demographic Bonus and the Impact of Migration: the Case of Shanghai”
Professor and Dean, School of Social Development and Public Policy, Fudan University
Xizhe Peng

No.81 Jul.26, 2005
“Foreign Direct Investment and Wage Spillovers in Indonesian Manufacturing Industry”
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Queens College, City University of New York
Akinori Tomohara

No.80 Jul.25, 2005
“International Trade and Renewable Resources under Asymmetries of Resource Abundance and Resource Management”
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Okayama University
Naoto Jinji

No.79 Jul.1, 2005
“Econometric Analyses of Policy Evaluation with Microeconomic Data -A Survey of Recent Research Works”
Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo
Hidehiko Ichimura

No.78 Jun.7, 2005
“Globalization, Development, and Mobility of Technical Talent: India and Japan in Comparative Perspectives”
Professor, Comparative International Development, University of Washington
Anthony P. D’Costa

No.77 May 26, 2005
“Explain North-North Trade with HOV Model”
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder
Shuichiro Nishioka

No.76 May 18, 2005
Professor Emeritus, Daito Bunka University
Reiitsu Kojima