FY2006 ICSEAD Seminar

No.101 Mar.15, 2007
“Why Patenting in China? Some Empirical Findings from Japanese Firm Level”
Professor, Faculty of Economics, Okayama University
Zhang Xingyuan

No.100 Feb.26, 2007
“China’s Economy in the year 2007”
Director, Institute of Quantitative&Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Wang Tong San

No.99 Feb.2, 2007
“Can the Fall of Saving Rate Increase Chinese Urban and Rural Residents’ Demand?”
Head, Research Center of Juangsu Applied Economics, Jiangsu Administration Institute
Jin Fan

“Reform-Creating Regional Trade Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment: Applications for East Asia”
Professor, Division of International Studies, Korea University
Innwon Park

No.98 Jan.26, 2007
“Korea-US FTA and the Korean Economy”
Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
Taeho Bark

“Structural Change, Labour Markets and International Labour Migration In Post Colonial Southeast Asia”
Head, Indonesia Project Economic Division, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University
Chris Manning

“The Determinants of Household Saving in China: A Dynamic Panel Analysis of Provincial Data”
Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University
Charles Yuji Horioka

No.97 Dec.19, 2006
“Scale Externalities and Industrial Location in Indonesia: Before and After the 1998 Crisis”
Research Associate, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia
Ari Kuncoro

No.96 Dec.1, 2006
Professor, School of Economics, Fudan University
Chen Jian-an

No.95 Nov.14, 2006
“Robust Determinants of Income Growth in the Philippines”
Assistant Professor, School of Statistics, University of Philippines
Dennis Mapa

No.94 Oct.10, 2006
“Aging East Asia; Policy Responses and Regional Cooperation”
Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University
Takashi Kihara

No.93 Sep.5, 2006
“From Followers to Market Leaders: Asian Electronics Firms in the Global Economy”
Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore
Henry Wai-chung Yeung

No.92 Aug.22, 2006
“Internal Migration and the Evolution of Urban Agglomeration in Yangtze River Delta Area”
Deputy Director, Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Fudan University
Yuan Ren

No.91 Jun.23, 2006
“A Shift from Market-driven to Institution-driven Regionalization in East Asia”
Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
Shunjiro Urata

“Employment of MNEs in Japan: New Evidence”
Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Yokohama University
Kozo Kiyota

No.90 May 16, 2006
“Part-time Workers Doing Full-time Work in Japan”
Professor, Faculty of Business, Bond University
Noel Gaston