~FY2001 Staff Workshop

March 12, 2002
“Financial Linkages in the Asian-Pacific Region: A Cointegration Analysis”
Kiyotaka Sato

December 12, 2001
“Rules of Origin as Strategic Commercial Instruments in a Free Trade Area”
Masaru Umemoto

November 13, 2001
“Labor Productivity in Local Plants and Foreign Multinationals by Nationality in Thai Manufacturing, 1996 and 1998”
Eric D. Ramstetter

October 9, 2001
“Chinese Shipper’s Selection Behavior for Transshipment Ports in East Asia: A Logit Model Analysis”
Erbiao Dai

September 11, 2001
“General Equilibrium Evaluation of Japan-Singapore Free Trade Agreement”
Hiro Lee

July 10, 2001
“The New Regionalism in East Asia and the United States: Implications for International Economic Cooperation”
William E. James

June 19, 200
“Medium-term Estimation of the Almost Ideal Demand System in Japan”
Oleksandr Movshuk

“Wages, Foreign Multinationals, and Local Plants in Thai Manufactuting”
Atsuko Matsuoka

June 7, 2001
“Is East Asia an Optimum Currency Area?”
Kiyotaka Sato
“Productivity Spillovers and Characteristics of Foreign Multinational Plants in Indonesian Manufacturing 1990-1995”
Sadayuki Takii

February 6, 2001
“Recent Trends in Trade and Investment between Taiwan and Mainland China”
Erbiao Dai