FY2003 Staff Workshop

March 9, 2004
“The Implications of Prospective Free Trade Agreements in East Asia”
Hiro Lee
“Intra-Industry Trade in the ASEAN Region: The Case of Automobile Industry”
Keiko Ito

February 10, 2004
“The Recent Trends of Japanese Auto Parts and Components Manufacturers in Indonesia”
Sadayuki Takii

January 12, 2004
“Why Did Japan’s Steel Industry Contract So Much in the 1990s?”
Eric D. Ramstetter
“TCorporate Reforms and Enterprise Performance in China, 1988-2000: An Application of Latent Class Analysis”
Oleksandr Movshuk

November 11, 2003
“Industrial Clusters and Innovation: A Case Study of the Taiwanese Personal Computer Industry”
Chikashi Kishimoto
“TEffect of the Agglomeration Economies and their Formation Factor as Social Capital Investments on Regional Industrial Development in Japan”
Yoshihiro Kameyama

October 14, 2003
“Economic Development and Emigration: A Study on the Origin Structure of New Chinese Migrants”
Erbiao Dai

“Regional Disparity and Population Movement in China: Simulation Analysis”
Hiroshi Sakamoto

September 9, 2003
“EU Enlargement and Its Impact on East Asia”
Hiro Lee
“Vertical Intra-Industry Trade and the Division of Labor in East Asia”
Keiko Ito

July 8, 2003
“Income Gaps and the Volume of Vertical and Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade”
Masaru Umemoto
“Recent Trends and Price-Cost Margins in Japan’s Iron and Steel Industry”
Atsuko Matsuoka
“Price-Cost Margins for Export and Domestic Markets: A Case for the Japan’s Iron and Steel Industry”
Atsuko Matsuoka

May 6, 2003
“Foreign Multinationals in Thailand after the Crisis: The Challenge of Measuring and Interpreting Recent Trends”
Eric D. Ramstetter

April 8, 2003
“Foreign Networks and Exports in Indonesian Manufacturing”
Sadayuki Takii
“The Reliability of China’s Growth Figures: A Survey of Recent Statistical Controversies”
Oleksandr Movshuk