FY2004 Staff Workshop

February 9, 2005
“Clustering and Upgrading in Global Value Chains:The Taiwanese Personal Computer Industry”
Chikashi Kishimoto
“Income Inequality in Urban China: A Case Study of Peking”
Erbiao Dai

January 11, 2005
“Political Economy of Five Stages of Development”
Shinichi Ichimura

December 24, 2004
“Characteristics and Determinants of Mode 4 Trade in Japan”
Masaru Umemoto
“A Vector Error Correction Model of Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Prices in Hong Kong”
Hiroshi Sakamoto

October 19, 2004
“Comparative Advantage and the Vertical Production Networks
Kazuhiko Yokota
“Multinational Presence and Labor Productivity Differentials in Indonesian Manufacturing, 1975-2001”
Sadayuki Takii

September 14, 2004
“Quality of Civil Administration and Economic Growth”
Nazrul Islam

July 13, 2004
“Dynamic Externalities and the Growth of Manufacturing Employment in Japanese Cities: The Role of Specialization and Diversity”
Yoshihiro Kameyama
“Foreign Ownership Shares and Exports by Multinational Firms in Vietnam”
Eric D. Ramstetter

June 8, 2004
“Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) in the Taiwanese IT Industry”
Chikashi Kishimoto
“Capital Productivity in Small and Large Enterprises in Indonesia’s Manufacturing Industry”
Susumu Hondai

May 11, 2004
“Measuring the Influence of Migrant Household on Income Inequality in Urban China”
Erbiao Dai

April 13, 2004
“Development of Intra-Industry Trade between Korea and Japan: the Case of Automobile Parts Industry”
Masaru Umemoto
Hiroshi Sakamoto