FY2005 Staff Workshop

March 14, 2006
“Productivity Differentials and Spillovers in Indonesian Manufacturing”
Sadayuki Takii

“Economic Growth, Trade, and Multinationals in Vietnam’s Provinces”
Eric D. Ramstetter

February 14, 2006
“Determinants of Productivity: A Two-Stage Analysis”
Nazrul Islam

“Export-led Growth and Optimal Trade Policy”
Kazuhiko Yokota

November 8, 2005
“Profile of Poverty and Probability of Being Poor in Rural Indonesia”
Susumu Hondai

“Communication Externalities and Geographical Proximity in Korea and China”
Yoshihiro Kameyama

October 18, 2005
“Asia-born Skilled Persons in the United States: Recent Inflow Trends and Underlying Immigration Policy Changes”
Erbiao Dai

“Convergence in China’s Provinces: Time Series Approach”
Hiroshi Sakamoto

September 13, 2005
“Fragmented Production in East Asia: The Impact of Economic Integration and Network Quality”
Masaru Umemoto

“Distribution in Chinese Affiliates of Japanese Automobile Firms”
Chikashi Kishimoto

July 12, 2005
“R&D Spillovers and Foreign Market Entry: Acquisition vs. Greenfield Investment”
Kazuhiko Yokota

“Multinationals, Technology Upgrading and Wages in Urban and Rural Indonesia”
Sadayuki Takii

June 14, 2005
“Export Propensities and Foreign Ownership Shares in Indonesian Manufacturing in the 1990s”
Eric D. Ramstetter
“The Trade-Growth Link: Capital Accumulation or Productivity Growth?”
Nazrul Islam

May 10, 2005
“Horizontal versus Vertical Multinationals”
Kazuhiko Yokota
“Regional Cooperation of Small & Medium Firms in Japanese Industrial Clusters”
Yoshihiro Kameyama

April 28, 2005
“Changes in Labor Share of Value Added: Analysis of Indonesian Economy”
Susumu Hondai