FY2006 Staff Workshop

March 15, 2007
“Japanese Multinational Corporations in Indonesian Manufacturing”
Sadayuki Takii

February 13, 2007
“Firm Dynamics after the Implementation of Vietnam’s Enterprise Law: Entry, Exit, Ownership, and Producer Concentration”
Eric D. Ramstetter

November 14, 2006
“Lewis Growth Model and China’s Industrialization”
Kazuhiko Yokota

September 12, 2006
“Viet Nam’s Lesson for China: An Examination of Sachs-Woo Hypothesis”
Nazrul Islam

July 18, 2006
“The Role of Government on the Formation of Industry Clusters in East Asia”
Yoshihiro Kameyama

June 13, 2006
“Decomposition of Inequality and Age Effects: Indonesian Case”
Susumu Hondai

May 9, 2006
“Recent Trends of International Migration of Skilled Persons and Its Economic Effects on the Source Countries: A Synoptic Overview”
Erbiao Dai
“Economic Growth and Catch up: an Evidence from Asian Economies”
Hiroshi Sakamoto

April 11, 2006
Chikashi Kishimoto
Masaru Umemoto