【Conference Presentation】Research Professor Imai gave a presentation in Vancouver, Canada.

Research Professor Kenichi Imai gave a presentation at the Seventh International Conference on Climate: Impacts and Responses held in Vancouver,Canada.

 Seventh International Conference on Climate: Impacts and Responses:”Whose Climate? Negotiating the Governance of Environmental Change”

Date: Apr 10-11, 2015
Venue: British Columbia University
Organizer: The Climate Change: Impacts & Responses Knowledge Community

Paper Presented:

“Comparative Study on Municipal Emissions Trading Schemes in Asia: China, India, and Japan”

Three countries in Asia, namely China, India, and Japan have already been introducing emissions trading schemes at municipal levels (in seven cities and provinces in China, three states in India, and two prefectures in Japan). Firstly, this paper compares the municipal emissions trading schemes (hereinafter the schemes) in these three countries in terms of abatement targets, targeted industries, allocation of emissions credits, emissions trading markets, monitoring of actual emissions and emissions trading, and penalties, and then analyses the characteristics of the schemes of respective countries. Secondly, the paper analyses quantitatively and qualitatively the expected impacts of the schemes in respective countries on abatement targets, abatement costs, and abatement technologies by conducting the case studies on a specific scheme in each of three countries. The study findings will provide policy makers with good scientific information for discussing the possible future linkage of the schemes in China, India, and Japan, within each of three countries and beyond borders of three countries and also for predicting the expected benefits of such a linkage in the overall abatement target, the overall abatement cost, and the transfer of abatement technologies.



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