FY2014 ICSEAD/ AGI Seminar

No.182 Mar.18, 2015
“Vertical specialization and endogenous fragmentation”
National Chengchi University Department of International Business
Po-Sheng Lin

No.181 Feb.25, 2015
“Wage differentials among ownership groups and worker quality in Vietnamese manufacturing”
Danang University of Economics
NGUYEN Trung Kien

No.180 Feb.10, 2014
Institute of Population Research/Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Fudan University
WANG Guixin

No.179 Feb.6, 2015
“Simple Measure of Preference Utilization:Tariff Exemption Ratios”
Department of Economics, KEIO UNIVERSITY
Fukunari KIMURA
Effects of Domestic Merger Exports:The Case Study of the 1998 Korean Automobiles”
Faculty of Economics University of Tokyo
Hiroshi OHASHI

No.178 Jan.30, 2015
“Economic Growth, Financial Development, and Income Inequality”
Department of Economics, Korea University
Kwanho SHIN

No.177 Nov.27, 2014
Atsumi International Foundation

No.176 Nov.27, 2014
“Child Poverty in Japan: Comparing the Accuracy of Alternative Measures”
Department of Economics of Toyama University.
Oleksandr Movshuk

No.175 Oct.9, 2014
“The impacts of global energy trends and national policies on energy use and emissions of Taiwan’s power generation systems”
International Division, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research
Po-Yao KUO

No.174 Sep.25, 2014
“Fixed Export Costs and Export Behavior”
Department of Economics, University of Colorado

No.173 Aug.28, 2014
International Logistics Dept, Dongseo University
SEO Su-wan

No.172 Jul.29, 2014
Department of Economics, Kyushu Sangyo University

No.171 May 14, 2014
“Trends in Regional Development Policy in Korea and the Direction for the Future”
Korea Istitute for Industrial Economic ; Trade
Jae-Hong JANG