FY2014 Short-term Visiting Researchers

Jae-Hong JANG
Korea Istitute for Industrial Economic ; Trade(Korea)
“Trends in Regional Development Policy in Korea  and the Direction for the Future”

SEO Su-wan
International Logistics Dept, Dongseo University(Korea)

Department of Economics, University of Colorado(USA)
“Fixed Export Costs and Export Behavior”

Po-Yao KUO
International Division, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research(Taiwan)
“The impacts of global energy trends and national policies on energy use and emissions of Taiwan’s power generation systems”

WANG Guixin
Institute of Population Research/Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Fudan University(China)

NGUYEN Trung Kien
Danang University of Economics(Vietnam)
“Wage differentials among ownership groups and worker quality in Vietnamese manufacturing”

Po-Sheng Lin
National Chengchi University Department of International Business(Taiwan)
“Vertical specialization and endogenous fragmentation”


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