Staff Seminar (January 14, 2016) Announcement

※※This Staff Seminar has terminated※※

The Asian Growth Research Institute (AGI) organizes seminars given by its staff.

Date and Time

14 January2016(Thursday), 14:00~15:30


Conference Room, 6th Floor, Asian Growth Research Institute
(Kitakyushu Otemachi Building “Move” 6th Floor, 11-4 Otemachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu)

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Presentation and Handouts: English

Presenter, Title and Abstract

Presenter: Research Professor Erbiao Dai

Title: “Determinants of urban household’s housing condition in China: A study based on NBS panel data (2004-2007)”

Based on panel data of the NBS survey (2004-2007), this paper measures housing inequality among urban households and examines the determinants of individual household’s housing condition in China. We find that in the period investigated, there exists a rising trend in housing inequality among urban households. However, the rise of inequality is not simply the result of the market–oriented reform. Our panel analysis show that although the income factors such as “Household Total Income” have dominating effects on the probability of owning a market-price (i.e., high price) house, the probability of owning a low-price house or renting a public house are still significantly affected by some non-income factors including household member’s employment sectors and their Hukou (registered residence status). As a whole, both income/market and non-income/institution factors have effects on the probability of house ownership as well as on the house size (house floor space). More interestingly, compared to Peking and Shanghai, the two central cities of China’s political /economic reform, the household housing condition of other 160 cities included in the survey receive stronger influence from the traditional institution. It means that the rising housing inequality in urban China should be regarded as the combined result of influence from ongoing market–oriented reforms and the persisting impact of some traditional systems.