AGI Seminar (January 19, 2016) Announcement

※※This Seminar has terminated※※

The Asian Growth Research Institute (AGI) organizes seminars given by its staff.

Date and Time

19 January2016(Tuesday), 14:00~15:30


Conference Room, 6th Floor, Asian Growth Research Institute
(Kitakyushu Otemachi Building “Move” 6th Floor, 11-4 Otemachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu)

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Presentation and Handouts: English

Presenter, Title and Abstract

Presenter: Fudan University Center for Population and Development Policy Studies associate Professor Zhen ZHANG

Title: “Differences in life expectancy between household and Non-household populations in Shanghai 2000-2010”

The household population in Shanghai has enjoyed steady increments in life expectancy (LE) since opening-up reform, and in 2014 it reached 82.29 years, which were into the level of developed countries. However, there is less study on the LE of non-registered household po9uplation who consists of 40% of the resident population in Shanghai. With death register data of non-household population provided by SHCDC, this paper estimates age-specific mortality for non-registered household population. Because non-household population mainly of working-age population, it examines the partial LE for the group 15-59 especially. The results show that differences in the children mortality were not significant, while the mortality of working-aged population of non-household population had advantages of partial LE over there registered household counterpart in both sexes, which were 0.16 year for females and 0.27-0.36 year for males among the group 15-59, respectively. Finally, the study summarizes the causes of these advantages and some policy implications as well.