AGI Seminar (July 21, 2016) Announcement

The Asian Growth Research Institute (AGI) organizes seminars given by its staff.

Date and Time

21 July 2016(Thursday), 15:00~17:00


Conference Room, 6th Floor, Asian Growth Research Institute
(Kitakyushu Otemachi Building “Move” 6th Floor, 11-4 Otemachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu)

Participation fee



Presentation and Handouts: English

Presenter, Title and Abstract

Presenter: Professor K. Ali Akkemik, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

Title: “Worldviews and Intergenerational Altruism – A Comparison of Turkish People Living in Turkey and Germany”

In this paper we examine and compare the impact of cultural differences on inter-generational altruism in Turkish people living in Turkey and Germany, using the concept of the worldview used in anthropology. We use data from three sets of surveys we conducted: national surveys in Turkey and Germany and a survey for Turkish people living in Germany. We find striking differences in parenting attitudes between Turkish people living in Turkey and those who live in Germany. Turkish people living in Germany tend to be like German people in their parenting attitudes. We also find that differences in worldview variables (such as how they view the meaning of suffering) between Turkish people living in Turkey and Germany have statistically significant explanation power in explaining these parenting attitude differences.