Tues., June 18 – Thurs., June 20: Our Chairman, Dr. Tatsuo Hatta, was invited to present at “The 15th EDAILY Strategy Forum”

From Tuesday, June 18 to Thursday, June 20, 2024, “The 15th EDAILY Strategy Forum” organized by Edaily, Korea’s total economic information service provider, was held in Seoul, Korea, and our Chairman, Dr. Tatsuo Hatta, was invited to present in person.

The theme of their 15th forum was “Demographic Crisis: New Imagination, Pradigm Shift”, and Dr. Hatta presented in a session called “In an era of population decline, solutions to respond to rural extinction”.

The forum is in partnership with Policy Evaluation Research Institute (PERI), whom we signed an academic exchange agreement with in October 2023, and “EDAILY-PERI Special Symposium” was held on the first day.

Date: Tuesday, June 18 – Thursday, June 20
Venue: The Shilla Seoul, Korea
Organizer: Edaily
Supporter: Policy Evaluation Research Institute (PERI)


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